Long Stroke Grippers


 XRAY-S Long Stroke Grippers

  • Handles big gripper jobs with tremendous torque and force capability.

  • Long jaws are no problem with the incorporated linear bearing rail.

  • Sealed for years of trouble-free use in extreme environments.

  • Patented double helix for the ultimate precision over the life of the gripper.

XRAY-S Long Stroke Gripper

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An XRAY-S-2200-200 long stroke gripper is used to manage castings shortly after casting and bead blasting.  Grippers managing a casting

Gripper cut-away

The latest member of the XRAY gripper family offers mounting patterns identical to the XRAY-1250 but with almost twice the force. Drawing on the tradition of the SIGMA series the XRAY-S grippers incorporate a high-torque linear bearing rail for rigidity and a patented double helix for the ultimate level of precision available in a robotic gripper.   Long strokes are made possible due to the patented Zaytran helix synchronization system that permits almost unlimited strokes.

A uni-body extrusion increases rigidity as well as providing mounting and magnetic sensing T-slots.

Tough environments are not a problem with this sealed gripper. The Linear bearing blocks are fitted with wipers and and industrial scrapers. The piston shafts are hardened and fitted with welding scrapers and polymer wipers. This combined with lube-for-life helix technology assures years of trouble-free operation.

For applications that require power loss protection, an optional Power Out Brake (POB) aggressively locks the helix, and thus the jaws, in case of an accidental loss of pneumatic pressure.


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