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A robotic integrator called ZAYTRAN and issued us what they perceived to be an impossible challenge. It should be mentioned that this is not an integrator that ZAYTRAN had worked with in the past, so it can be assumed that this challenge had been issued and refused by the other gripper manufacturers. The integrator said this, “We need a gripper that has one inch of stroke, has enough force and is robust enough to handle a hard disk platter while experiencing high acceleration and deceleration forces.” This didn’t seem difficult… they went on to explain the hard part. “The grippers will have to be rated for use in a Class 1 clean room environment.” OK, that’s getting challenging. “Also, the grippers will be in contact with DI water, so the materials used for the custom design will need to be able to withstand DI water contact.” All right, now this is getting interesting. “Finally, the gripper must weigh less than 200 grams!” Then, I heard him chuckle and he asked the question, “ Will you make me a custom gripper that can do all of these things?” We respectfully said no.

We said no because we did not have to create a custom gripper to function within their application requirements. ZAYTRAN already manufactures a line of standard grippers that will easily do the job. The Magnum-PET series, the clean room version of the Magnum gripper family, can perform all of these duties. The Magnum PET-130-26 was recommended for this job since the customer required a 1 inch stroke. The Magnum PET is rated for use in class 1 clean rooms and there are independent lab reports that back up this claim. These grippers are constructed entirely of PET and stainless steel so they are impervious to DI water and moreover will not pollute the DI water. The Magnum PET-130-26 weighs only 170 grams, which is well under the 200-gram weight limit set by the customer. The Magnum grippers were designed with solid bearing rails that run the entire length of the moving jaw. This system, even when made out of PET, can tolerate torque in excess of 88 in/lbs., which will be more than enough to handle the relatively light hard disk.

Needless to say, the new customer was very impressed. Not only did they not have to build their own gripping system, but the cost of the grippers were far less then they had planned since the Magnum-PET-130-26 grippers are standard items. This application was a complete success and ZAYTRAN now has a satisfied new customer.

Do you have an application for a class 1 clean room gripper? Will your grippers need to tolerate harsh acids or DI water? Do you need grippers that weigh less than 200 grams and still have 29lbs of grip force?

Call ZAYTRAN we have an off the shelf solution for you custom application.

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