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ZAYTRAN grippers work harder and longer than any anything available on the market.  In the application section we give you an idea of the range and capability of our grippers at work in clean rooms and dirty environments world wide.  Please click on a picture or the linked words to see an application article about ZAYTRAN Grippers.

Magnum grippers are saving an auto company over $200,000 a year on their cam shaft line. 

Magnum grippers on a cam shaft line

There are few environments as tough as die casting and bead blasting.  Read about the XRAY-S-2200-200 Grippers working in that application.  

grippers and casting
Impossible is the best description of this application of Magnum grippers.  Carbide powder and Ozone will kill most grippers.  Not Magnums! MAGNUM-AL Grippers
Tandem Wheel Grippers handle 125 pound truck wheels.
XRAY-1250 Grippers manage rolls of housing insulation. Xray grippers managing insulation rolls
A cluster of four Magnum PET Grippers manage hard disc platters. MAGNUM-PET Grippers


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